Better Practice


The Ultimate Guide to Golf Practice and
Playing Your Best Golf on the Course!

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The Ultimate Guide to Golf Practice and Playing Your Best Golf on the Course

Better Practice Better Golf is a practical, simple, step-by-step guide to effective golf practice. It combines learning, skill acquisition, psychology and performance to give every standard of golfer, from beginner to tour pro, the key principles to effective practice and performance.

Better Practice Better Golf is divided into two parts;

  • Part One explains How to Practice and How to Optimise your Performance in concise, easy to apply sections and includes many valuable tips to improve your game.
  • Part Two is a practical guide and contains over 75 practices for every shot on and off the course. Whether you're on the driving range or putting green, there are a number of practices for every club, including your driver, woods, irons, wedges and putter. Many practices have progression levels so as your skills improve you can continue to make every practice challenging and get the most benefit.

Once you get into this book, you will be confident that by doing the practices and applying the performance principles described you will start playing Better Golf.

Is it time to optimise your practice, lower your scores, have more fun and enjoyment on the course and play Better Golf?

Better Practice Better Golf Workbooks

Dr Nicky Lumb has a PhD in Optimising Practice for Peak Performance in Professional Golf, an MSc in Sports Coaching where she specialised in Elite Performance and is a PGA Professional. Nicky has presented her research at the World Scientific Congress of Golf and World Golf Fitness Summit. Her proven methods in practice and performance help tour players, elite amateurs and club golfers to optimise their practice and play their best golf on the course.

Dr Dave Alred MBE is one of the world’s best coaches. His achievements include helping Luke Donald to become World Number One and supporting Francesco Molinari to win the Open Championship. Dave nurtured Jonny Wilkinson into rugby’s most feared kicker and played a key role in coaching England to win the Rugby World Cup. Dave has a PhD in Performing Under Pressure and is the author of the best-selling book The Pressure Principle.